Want to write copy like a pro?

Jo Marshall | June 16, 2021 | Copywriting |  Higher education |  Writing Tips | 

Want to write copy like a pro?
N       Nit-pick over every single word
O       Opt for clear over clever
W      Whittle out long-windedness
A       Always remember your reader
F        Find interesting(er) ways of saying things
F        Fling grammar (gently) out the window
L        Leave the navel gazing behind
E        Edit ruthlessly – and then edit some more
A        Always keep your end goal in mind
L         Linger on the details
L         Lose words without losing the meaning
O        Open strongly (and then keep ‘em hooked)
W        Weave in emotion with stories and examples
E         Elevate your message with clear, straightforward copy
D         Do it all every day to hone (and have fun with) your craft