Copy Done With You

Send us your draft and we’ll boost it to the next level

If there’s a decent(ish) draft to work with, reinventing the wheel may not be strictly necessary.

As long as the messaging’s there or thereabouts, an expert pair of eyes on your copy could be just what you need.

If that’s where you’re at, our Copy Done With You service is for you…

Send us your draft and we’ll rework it for you, looking at everything from content and flow of info, to usability and tone.

We’ll make sure your copy reads well, and is clear and understandable.

But, most of all, that it’s crafted with your readers (and objectives) in mind.

Copy Done With You is ideal if:

  • You’ve got a piece of writing that’s factually correct but it’s falling short in some way (to sell what you do, engage your readers or get your messages across).

  • You’d like a professional writer to take a good look at it, and do what’s needed to bring it up to scratch.

Jo has worked for Cosmic Kids a number of times now, helping us explain what we do in lovely plain English on our website. She always writes clear, insightful and light copy for us attracting customers to what we do. Very happy to recommend!

Martin Amor, Cosmic Kids

Here’s how it works

Step 1. Getting started

We’ll start by taking a brief from you, to discuss the copy and how it needs to change, drilling into your objectives, audience and messages.

Step 2. Gather information

If there are any gaps in info, we’ll flag those and ask for extra source material (or research that ourselves). Would a quote or example help bring the content to life? Or perhaps it’d be good to talk to a subject expert to add more of the nitty gritty?

Step 3. Rework draft

We’ll assess the copy for tone, level of detail and structure, and rewrite it in line with what you want to achieve. As well as thinking about word choice, flow and messages, and bringing it all together in a way that engages your readers.

Step 4. Amends

We’ll deal with any amends, and chase and clarify any changes. The end result? A draft you can stop fretting about and start using in your marketing.

With a Copy Done With You project, you’ll receive:

  • A briefing call or Zoom to talk everything through
  • A revised first draft
  • Up to two rounds of amends (if needed)

How much?

We quote on a project basis, so how much your copy costs will depend on a number of factors, including: the amount of text involved, how much work is needed on it, and when you need it for.  

Copy Done With You


  • Briefing call or Zoom
  • Revised first draft
  • Up to two rounds of amends

Quotes available on request. Starts from £300

Copy Done With You Plus


  • Briefing call or Zoom
  • Revised first draft
  • Up to two rounds of amends
  • Recorded Zoom walk-through to talk through any changes
  • A summary sheet of our changes, with examples and a rationale, to share with your teams and help with future comms

Quotes available on request. Starts from £500

Get started on a Copy Done With You project:

Prefer to talk things through first?