Copy Done For You

Want to go all-in? Let’s craft new copy that does exactly
what you need

If you’re looking for the full shebang on your copy, starting from scratch is the way to go.

This is where we’ll work with you to really dig into what you want to say and why.

To find the voice that feels authentic for your brand.

And then to bring it all together in a way that’s gonna resonate with your readers and get you the best results.

Looking for the full package?

You need our Copy Done For You service…

Between us, our writers have penned all kinds of comms for all kinds of clients, including lots in your sector.

So we’ll get the best person working on your project.

And guide you through the whole process – from defining your messages and tone, to gathering all the relevant info, arranging interviews and crafting copy that does exactly what you want.

Copy Done For You is ideal if:

  • You want a professional writer involved from the start, to input into the brief, help shape your messages, and advise on things like structure and tone.

  • You know what you want to say but don’t want to spend ages pulling it all into a draft. You’d prefer to hand over the raw material and leave the writing in the hands of an expert.

A 20 year-long relationship with the same copywriter is quite a rare thing. That in itself speaks volumes about Jo and her team and what they can do for you.

Julia Weston, University College London

Here’s how it works

Step 1. Getting started

We start every Copy Done For You project by taking a brief from you, to find out exactly what’s needed. We’ll ask lots of questions and gather everything we need to get started. Including clarifying your objectives, audience and key messages.

Step 2. Gather information

We’ll then absorb all the information you’ve given us, and do further reading, research or interviews (if needed) to get a fuller picture of where you are now and where we need to get to.

Step 3. Write copy

The next stage is the writing itself, where we take everything we’ve gleaned to craft the copy that’ll work best. We’ll be thinking about things like tone at this stage, and formats. And there’ll be lots and lots of editing, to make the copy as clear and concise as possible.

Step 4. Amends

The final stage is to deal with any tweaks or edits. We’ll chase and clarify any changes to get the copy to its end point: where you’re happy and ready to roll with your new words.

With a Copy Done For You project, you’ll receive:

  • A briefing call or Zoom to talk everything through
  • First draft copy
  • Up to two rounds of amends (if needed)

How much?

We quote on a project basis, so how much your copy will cost depends on a number of factors, including: the amount of text needed, the quality of source material, whether we need to do interviews, and when you need it for. 

Copy Done For You


  • Briefing call or Zoom
  • First draft copy
  • Up to two rounds of amends

Quotes available on request. Starts from £500

Copy Done For You Plus


  • Briefing call or Zoom
  • First draft copy
  • Up to two rounds of amends
  • Recorded Zoom walk-through to talk through any changes
  • A summary sheet of our changes, with examples and a rationale, to share with your teams and help with future comms

Quotes available on request. Starts from £700

Get started on a Copy Done For You project:

Prefer to talk things through first?