Content That Connects

Lift the lid on your research, innovation and student experience, with a regular flow of well-thought-out articles, case studies and stories

It’s getting tougher out there for HE institutions to stand out in a sea of everyone-saying-the-same-things. You need content that breaks through the blah, and gets your uni front of mind in clear and interesting ways.

But putting that kind of content together – and making sure the articles, case studies and stories you create do justice to your brilliant courses and research – isn’t always easy.

You’re doing your best to keep on top of things, against a backdrop of increasingly critical students, extreme demands on your team, busy academics and research partners, and the never-ending list of content pieces that should have been finished ages ago.

Even if you’ve made good progress, there’s still so much you’d like to do to get your message out there. That’s where we can help.

We work with uni marketing teams to create content that clearly communicates the things you want to be known for – by talking about your teaching, research and innovation in ways people care about, and in language that makes sense to them.

We can do that in lots of different ways, from thought leadership articles and case studies, to student and alumni stories, or academic blog type pieces. If you like, we can help you work out the type of content that’s going to work best, for the specific story you want to tell.

A Content That Connects package is ideal if:

  • You want to put out more content to raise your uni’s profile, attract more students or shout about your research and innovation, but don’t have the time or skills to write it all inhouse.

  • You’d benefit from working with a specialist HE copywriter who can help you create content that captures what makes your institution different and pulls the right people in.

  • You want to streamline your content creation process, to make it easier for you to identify the right stories, put them together and get them out into places people are going to see them.

“We have absolute confidence in Jo and her team to write engaging and compelling copy for us, that’s helping to tell a consistent story about innovation and enterprise at UCL across our different faculties. With All Things Words’ support, we are producing a strong bank of content that clearly shows how UCL staff and students are turning their ideas and knowledge into reality, and having real world impact. They makes the whole copywriting process very straightforward, doing the heavy lifting that we just don’t have time to do.

Wendy Tester, UCL

Here’s how it works

Step 1. Getting started

We’ll organise a briefing with you to talk through exactly what you want to achieve from your content and the best way of helping you get there. We’ll discuss audience, tone, brand and formats, and work out the best process to gather the information we need to get going.

Step 2. Interview relevant contacts

By far the best way to produce compelling content (particularly content that’s miles better than anything a robot can produce) is to interview the people involved in the story. Whether that’s academics doing the research. Or students or alumni with interesting stories to tell. We’ll use our years of interviewing to make sure we get the level of info that’s needed to really bring a story to life, and make it pull its weight for you as a piece of content.

Step 3. Write the content

We’ll then write up your article, story or case study (depending on the format we’re going for). We’ll be thinking about what we need to say, but also crucially how we need to say it, to keep people interested and compel them to hear from you again, or get in touch.

Step 4. Amends

We’ll deal with any amends (we usually find up to two rounds is enough), to get your piece or pieces of content to where they need to be: signed off and ready for you to share in the places the people you want to reach are most likely to see them.

Step 5. Ongoing content process

Finally, if you need a hand with ongoing process or strategy – working out what kind of stories to tell, and how best to gather them – we can help with that, too. So you can keep serving up an interesting mix of content that gets people excited about what your uni has to offer and the different ways they can get involved. 

With a Content That Connects package, you’ll receive:

  • A briefing call or Zoom to clarify exactly what’s needed and talk through the process
  • Interviews with the relevant contacts
  • Full copy for your piece or pieces of content, clearly annotated with formatting suggestions for your designers to flow into your site.

How much?

We quote on a project basis, so how much each piece of content costs will depend on a number of factors, including: the amount of text involved, how many people we need to interview, and when you need it for. To give you an idea, here are a few example costs:  

800 word research story


  • Briefing call on Zoom or Teams
  • Interview with subject experts
  • Full copy for story
  • Up to two rounds of amends

From £650

500 word alumni or student case study / first person story


  • Briefing call on Zoom or Teams
  • Interview with student or alumnus
  • Full copy for case study or profile
  • Up to two rounds of amends

From £450

10 x 250 word innovation summary stories


  • Briefing call on Zoom or Teams
  • Interview with subject experts for each story
  • Full copy for each story
  • Up to two rounds of amends

From £3,000

Get started on a Content That Connects project:

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