University of Bath

As a Russell Group university, currently sixth
in the Guardian league tables, Bath is well known
for its teaching and research excellence.

Researchers at the university are working on everything from black holes and new treatments for autism, to developing solar-powered desalination devices to help in disaster-struck countries. And they were keen to shout about their achievements in a clearer, more impactful way.

In truth, the information on the research centres’ web pages had become a bit of a dumping ground for anything to do with each centre’s activities. So our first job was to assess what was there, and put forward a more user friendly structure, to make the information more accessible and appealing.

We then did a big translation exercise, rewriting dry academic information into language non-academics could understand. And interviewing researchers to pull out interesting examples to bring their world-leading research to life.

I recently worked with All Things Words to transition our research content onto our new website, and was delighted with the results. It was extremely useful to work with a professional writer who knows the education sector so well, and could advise us on the best way to present what we do to an external audience. Jo guided me through the process and was there at every stage to answer my questions and help me to convey my content in an engaging manner. I would be happy to recommend Jo and her team to others looking for support with communicating their work to a wider audience.

Rajani Naidoo, University of Bath

We restructured the content for each research centre onto a more user-friendly landing page.

We interviewed academics from each team, translating academic language into plain English and pulling out examples to make the research more tangible.

We’ve written course copy for several faculties at Bath, too – working from a questionnaire we developed, to guide our interviews with the programme leaders. Moving away from the largely factual descriptions used previously, our new copy works harder to articulate the benefits of studying at one of the UK’s leading universities.