As one of the world’s top universities, UCL is globally renowned in many areas of society-changing research and innovation. But they needed some specialist help to talk about what they were doing in a more consistent and externally-appealing way across their different faculties.

We were commissioned to support them in 2021 as part of a big project to update all of their faculty innovation and enterprise web pages university-wide.

Our task? To create a compelling bank of stories that encourage partners to work with UCL on research and consultancy, and also inspire staff and students to get involved in entrepreneurship activities.

We took care of everything, from interviewing academics to gather content, to writing up the stories in language that appeals to, and engages, a non-academic audience, in line with the UCL brand.

With All Things Words’ support, we are producing a strong bank of content that clearly shows how UCL staff and students are turning their ideas and knowledge into reality, and having real world impact.

Wendy Tester, UCL

Off the back of that project going well, we’ve kept working with UCL Innovation & Enterprise as one of their main copy and content partners. We now write for the team most weeks, creating news stories, articles, partnership communications, and entrepreneur and academic profiles.

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Read our copy

After 12+ months of regular projects, we were invited to join the UCL roster in 2022. As one of the university’s approved copy suppliers, we now provide content and copy support to lots of other faculties and teams all over the university, including Global Engagement, UCL Research Culture, UCL Maths & Physical Sciences, UCL Life Sciences and UCL Medical Sciences.

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There’s a reason I keep coming back. Jo and her team always take us from copy that’s not targeted or focused enough, to crystal clear content that works in exactly the way we need.

Julia Weston, UCL