How to write better research stories

Jo Marshall | November 5, 2021 | Copywriting |  Higher education |  Writing Tips | 

L … Leave the academic speak behind
E … Explain why the piece of research is needed
S … Show the impact of the work
S … Say it in language that means something to a lay audience

O … Offer different ways into the message with quotes
F … Find ways of making the intangible tangible

T … Talk to the people doing the research first hand
H … Home in on examples to bring it all to life
E … Ease people into the topic – no baffling allowed

B … Bring out the benefits–what does it mean for society/the planet?
O … Organise the key facts into a coherent story that flows
R … Remove any inward looking or overly detailed points
I … Interrogate the source material – what does it really mean?
N … Nit pick over anything that doesn’t make sense
G … Grab people’s attention early and keep hold of it right to the end